Jul 21, 2016

New Blog!

I started up a new WordPress blog, so head that way for new information :) Check it out! http://ncmaestra.wordpress.com

Mar 15, 2016

Equity + Tech

For the past two years, I've been involved in the Claxton Racial Equity Team, which was created to address disparities we found between white students and students of color and to train teachers with background needed to explore bias in our own work. This spring, I ran into such a relevant article through Teaching Tolerance, "Smart Tech Use for Equity".

"Teachers need to be equity designers, exploring the potential and limitations of technology for enabling student thinking, learning, voice, and achievement." -excerpt from Smart Tech Use for Equity article
There are many things to consider when pulling in a new tech tool to explore in the classroom, including where it lies on the SAMR model. Meaning, is this really evolving your teaching OR is it just replacing a textbook/worksheet and not reaching all your student?

Ask yourself this question, "If you walked into a classroom and saw smart tech use for equity in action, what would it look like?" I pulled this question straight out of the article because it was so powerful. And then it made me think more...

So many questions ran through my head! 
  • What does it look like? 
  • How to facilitate equitable learning? 
  • What can you do RIGHT now to address? 
  • What more do you need to help make this happen?
Whew! It's a lot to consider and definitely more work when trying to complete a task or unit. It certainly has me thinking on how I can help classroom teachers consider these questions when approaching a new tool!